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European Union law pervades every branch of national law: from food law to public procurement, from competition law to customs law, from the protection of personal data to the regulation of electronic commerce, from tax and financial law to environmental law.

If you are a lawyer or a consultant, you are aware of the fact that, whatever the practice area that you deal with, the profiles relating to the correct interpretation and application of EU law always are of crucial importance, also thanks to the primacy of EU law over national law.

Are you wondering if any pleas or arguments based on EU law could ensure a more effective protection of your client’s rights and interests?

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If we can be of assistance, we will offer you a telephone or video-conference appointment for a first free consultation.

A request for a first consultation from another lawyer or consultant does not imply the granting of a professional mandate to our Firm.
The applicant will remain free not to give us any assignment or to appoint other lawyers of his choice. The establishment of a professional relationship will take place only if and when the applicant (or his client) has accepted our proposal for assistance and our Firm has accepted the assignment.

If you are a lawyer or consultant contact us (without obligation) for a first consultation

    Operating modes

    The operative modalities of the collaboration will be agreed always taking into maximum consideration the specific needs of the applicant and his client. Unless otherwise agreed, the applicant will continue to manage the relations with his client on an exclusive basis. In cases where we have had the pleasure of working alongside other lawyers, the best results have been obtained when we have worked as it were “four hands” with our colleagues. In fact, the most effective protection is obtained thanks to the combination of the respective competences. To avoid possible procedural preclusions, any pleas or arguments based on the correct interpretation and application of EU law should be raised as soon as possible.

    The benefits of a collaboration

    Any collaboration with our Firm will allow you, in particular, to:

    • make available to your clients a more comprehensive legal assistance, also based on our expertise in European Union law;
    • strengthen the protection of your clients by developing and asserting any arguments or grounds based on European Union law;
    • avoid the risk that the failure to take into account any EU law profiles could prejudice the rights and interests of your clients; and ultimately to
    • strengthen the relationship of trust with your clients.

    The collaboration with us is furthermore favoured by the fact that we are not a full-service firm, but an independent firm that aims to provide qualified assistance only in the sectors in which it has specific expertise. Therefore, colleagues who contact us do not risk “losing” their clients.

    Other logistic services

    The offices of the Firm are located on the first floor of a 1929 building in the “Beaux-Arts” style, a few steps (approx. 100 m) from the Berlaymont, headquarters of the European Commission. We have, among other things, a large meeting room (more than twenty seats) and offices equipped with wi-fi, with access to a printer, scanner, copier and kitchen.

    We can make the following logistic services available to other colleagues and consultants at particularly convenient rates and according to various formulas:

    • business address on letterhead and website;
    • virtual office (the service includes: the use of a professional address and access to a co-working station with wi-fi connection, access to printer, scanner, copier and kitchen use);
    • private office (the service includes: a professional address and the exclusive use of a 16m2 office with wi-fi connection, access to printer, scanner, copier, use of the kitchen and archive space);
    • use of the meeting room (more than twenty seats, for a day or even just half a day).

    If you are interested in one of the services mentioned and would like more information on the relative rates, contact us and describe your needs using the appropriate form or by sending us an e-mail at

    In any case, our Firm reserves the right to decide whether or not to accept the request.

    A request for information on the logistic services offered by our Firm does not bind the applicant or our Firm. The establishment of a contractual relationship will take place only if and when our Firm has formulated a contract proposal and the applicant has signed it for acceptance.

    If you are a lawyer or consultant interested in our logistic services, contact us by filling out the appropriate form

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      The offices of the Firm are located on the first floor of a 1929 building in the “Beaux-Arts” style, a few steps from Rond Point Schuman, the heart of the European institutions.

      To contact us you can send us a message to the above e-mail address by clicking on the icon.

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