Food law

and health protection


Food law and health protection

We provide advice and assistance, also before the administrative authorities and the competent national and EU courts, in all areas of food law, both at national level (Italian and Belgian) and of the European Union. We have specific experience in assisting our clients when the compatibility with EU law of national food quality and safety standards is at stake.

We deal, among other things, with: production, marketing, origin, traceability, labelling, free circulation, export, quality and safety of food, agricultural and fishery products; organic farming, new food products, fruit and vegetables, aquaculture, food hygiene, biosecurity, chemicals in food, food additives and flavourings.

Our customers include companies and associations of primary importance active, including other, in the production and marketing of meat, eggs, pasta, biscuits, dairy products, GMOs, honey, garlic, products and by-products of animal origin.

Health protection

Regarding health protection, we have gained specific experience, among other things, in the field of products and by-products of animal origin, organic fertilizers, feed, traceability, animal health measures applicable at national and EU level to contain the spread of epidemics or other animal diseases (avian flu, BSE, etc.). In addition, we provide advice and assistance on the interpretation and application of national and Union law on the protection and welfare of animals.

Agriculture and fisheries

We assist our clients in matters of common agricultural policy, regulation and common organization of agricultural markets, market support measures, rural development and farmers' income, European structural funds for rural development, import of agricultural products, aquaculture, fishing quotas, regional or international fisheries agreements.

Some of our most significant experiences

Over the years we have assisted our clients in various cases before the General Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union regarding animal by-products, fertilizers, origin, labelling and traceability of food products, health police, exceptional market support measures in the meat sector, consumer protection and health protection, structural funds. A list of cases dealt with in these matters is available on the website of the EU Court of Justice at the following link:

Export of organic fertilizers: following the appeal lodged with the General Court of the European Union by our Law Firm, the European Commission re-authorizes the export outside the EU of organic fertilizers containing processed animal proteins derived from ruminants

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