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The firm stands out for the high level of expertise achieved in competition law. It assists its clients before the European Commission and the EU Courts (General Court and Court of Justice of the European Union), as well as before the Autorità garante della concorrenza (or the Autorità per le garanzie nelle comunicazioni) and the competent national courts, even of last instance.

In particular, the firm provides legal advice and assistance according to EU and national competition rules, in relation to vertical agreements (selective distribution systems, exclusive distribution, supply or purchasing agreements, franchising, patent licensing and know-how, trade agency), as well as on horizontal cooperation agreements, cartels and leniency programs.

It assists companies accused or victims of an abuse of a dominant position (individual or collective), consisting, for example, in a refusal to supply, to contract or give access to essential facilities, in fidelity discounts or in of predatory, excessive or discriminatory prices.

It also deals with the notification of mergers to the European Commission, the Italian Competition Authority or the Autorità per le garanzie nelle comunicazioni with a view to obtaining the necessary decision on compatibility.

It assists its clients in establishing and implementing appropriate programs of compliance in order to prevent the infringement of the competition rules, protect corporate reputation and avoid sanctions.

With regard to State aid the firm provides legal advice and assistance to public authorities at national, regional or local level, to companies controlled by these authorities, as well as to companies that have benefited from aid or believe to be rather victims of State aid granted to others. It deals, inter alia, with regional aid, aid to development and to small and medium-sized enterprises, de minimis aid, rescue and restructuring aid, financing of services of general economic interest, loan guarantees, and with the application of the exemptions provided for certain categories of aid.

In the field of competition law the firm has developed specific skills and expertise in the following sectors: textiles and clothing, production and distribution of motor vehicles, telecommunications, agro-food products, transport, distribution of watches, household appliances, toys, electronics, industrial machinery and beer.

Significant recent experiences
The firm is currently assisting in a number of competition cases pending before the General Court of the European Union in Luxembourg.
It has also recently assisted in a series of cases concerning the public enforcement in Italy of decisions whereby the Commission has imposed fines for infringement of the competition rules.

With regard to State aid, the firm has provided legal assistance in several cases before the General Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union.


Our firm is a founding member of Antitrust Group E.E.I.G. (for more information please refer to the website:, an European Group of law firms that, through its members, assists companies victims of cartels and other anti-competitive conducts in pursuing compensation for the damage suffered. Moreover, through its members, Antitrust Group E.E.I.G. provides assistance and advice in connection with mergers subject to prior notification in different EU Member States. Where necessary, the firm benefits from the assistance of reputed economists, such as, among others, Dr. Prof. Barbara Baarsma, Director of the SEO Economic Research of Amsterdam (for more information please refer to the following website: In addition, the firm cooperates on a non-exclusive basis with independent law firms specializing in competition law in other Member States.


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